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I Killed the Damned Cupid Sana Addams

I Killed the Damned Cupid

Sana Addams

Kindle Edition
120 pages
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 About the Book 

Bilancia (Lanci) is a young eccentric lesbian who struggles to fit into her community. The girls rebellious nature and witty mind force her to challenge the society she lives in. The only person shes madly in love with is her girlfriend Diana whos able to partly mitigate Lancis social conflict.Whereas Diana does her best to assist her beloved in adjusting to the realities of life, she starts feeling the intense Lancis influence- so, instead of helping Bilancia socialize, Diana unintentionally enters Lancis unreal world. What makes the things even worse is that being a psychic, Lanci can see the inhabitants of other realities. This particularity leads to her meeting with Cupid and Vanita, the deities from the conjugate spiritual world, whore determined to change Lanci, but its not an easy agenda even for the sacred beings.Bilancia finds out that the gods made a bet, which was supposed to drastically change the girls lives. In resentment the psychic strives to annul deities plans, and at this precise moment she meets Victor, who embodies those vital changes that were destined for Lanci by providence.Victor has an indisputable trump….The interaction of this weird company results in the growing emotional tension that stifles Bilancia because she feels it much stronger than ordinary people. Breathless with empathy she realizes that the price of her salvation is the death of at least one of those who catalyze the expansion of her emotions to the unbearable level…But how to choose who deserves to remain? The price is pretty high since Lancis decision will also affect the spiritual world by defining the deity-winner. And whom do you side with?The magical realism of this story is revealed in a form of allegory. Bilancia refers to the equilibration between the deities and humans as well as between hetero and homosexual love. Moreover, Bilancia is supposed to become the counterpoise respectively Vanita and Cupid. In this regard, endeavoring to stay loyal to her inner self while struggling to fit into social norms, the psychic must balance between individualism and collectivism. Without doubt, this equilibrium is the goal that every human strives to target. And despite these high requirements Lanci is capable of maintaining all needed balance. How can it be different when shes supported by Vanitas protégé,—Diana, who competes for Bilancias love with Victor, —the mysterious conqueror of female hearts- and this competition is not easy to be won.