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Drills: Training For Sudden Violence Rory Miller

Drills: Training For Sudden Violence

Rory Miller

Kindle Edition
126 pages
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 About the Book 

A collection of drills by Rory Miller of ChironTraining, author of Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence. This book describes many of the exercises used by Rory in his seminars as well as some training techniques usually reserved for private students. This book is a must-have for any martial artist who wishes to transition from the training hall to real life.From a reader:Rory,The title vastly undersells what you put together this time. Its not so much a drill book as a guide to re-engineering oneself...One thing that surprised me (albeit only slightly) was the number of invitations for readers to come out and swim in deep, dark waters. Tremendous growth potential for folks who take those invitations seriously. Heres hoping they like, or at least can accept, what they find.- R Crowley, Former Major US Army SF