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Punishing Alice Guy New York

Punishing Alice

Guy New York

Published April 6th 2015
Kindle Edition
21 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Alice worked for the Richardses for more than two years as their babysitter. She spent her summers in their pool, her winters by their fire, and she longed for the life they lived and the home they shared.The summer before she left for college is when it all happened. Mr. Richards scared her and excited her all at the same time, and when she gave in to temptation when she thought he wasn’t paying attention she discovered what had been lurking beneath the surface all along.His stern voice, calm demeanor, and unwavering demands soon left her trembling, shaking, and downright begging for everything he had to offer. From punishments to rewards, they satisfied every craving they had.(This is an explicit erotic story intended for adult audiences. It is 7,000 words long. It was originally published under the title Babysitter.)